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What is Disorderly Conduct?

Disorderly conduct is an often misunderstood and ambiguous term that may apply to a number of offenses. Disorderly conduct is defined as any crime that may be considered offensive or disrupts the public peace. While this may sound fairly simple, this crime can encompass a number of different actions, and prosecutors will frequently use this charge as a way to convict individuals of serious crimes. Being convicted of disorderly conduct can result in severe penalties ranging from substantial fines to community service or jail time.

Examples of Disorderly Conduct

Many actions can fall under the offense of disorderly conduct, depending on the circumstances of the situation. Examples of actions that may be classified as disorderly conduct include:

  • Public intoxication
  • Creating a toxic odor
  • Participating in a riot
  • Indecent public exposure
  • Fighting in a public place
  • Using offensive language in a public setting
  • Displaying a weapon or firing a gun in public
  • Making excessive noise near someone’s private residence
  • Looking at or stalking someone during a private activity such as a shower

Because disorderly conduct can encompass a number of varying behaviors and actions, many individuals may find themselves facing these charges. With such serious penalties at stake, it is essential to have an experienced attorney defending you against allegations of disorderly conduct in your case.

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