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What is Criminal Mischief?

While criminal mischief is one of the oldest crimes in America, it is a term that is misunderstood by many. An individual is generally considered guilty of criminal mischief when he or she damages another person’s property in a way that causes some sort of loss, usually financial.

Criminal mischief charges hinge on the fact that the accused party had intent to damage the victim’s property or acted recklessly while causing the damage. The crime may sound simple, but a criminal mischief charge can lead to serious penalties, such as severe fines and, in some cases, jail time.

Examples of Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief encompasses a wide variety of actions that vary in severity. Some examples include:

  • Vandalism such as spray painting graffiti on a person’s property
  • Removing a road way sign
  • Setting off a fire alarm intentionally
  • Releasing a smoke bomb in a public area
  • Intentionally breaking a neighbor’s window
  • Damaging school property by writing on the building, desks, etc.

While some crimes that warrant criminal mischief charges may seem paltry, this type of accusation can result in serious penalties. Individuals in Texas against whom these charges are levied may even face felony degree punishments. With such severe consequences at risk, individuals should not take criminal mischief charges lightly. The assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be an invaluable asset in protecting your rights during this ordeal.

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