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Armed Robbery Charges in the Houston area

Allegations of armed robbery can be overwhelming and frightening for any person charged with the offense in the Houston area. These crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies, and your charges will likely be aggressively pursued against you. With that in mind, it is highly advisable that you retain legal representation as early on in the legal process as you possibly can to best ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the legal process.

Acts Considered to be Armed Robbery

For an act to be considered armed robbery, it must satisfy all of the same conditions involved in robbery charges and additionally involve the use of a weapon. As such, any act involving the following conditions will constitute an act of armed robbery:

  • The intent to gain and maintain control of another person’s property without their consent;
  • Injure or threaten to injure the other person during the incident; and
  • The presence of a weapon of any kind

Our Houston legal team may work diligently on your behalf to uphold your rights and protect your interests throughout the legal process.

Consult with a Houston Armed Robbery Lawyer

Our Houston armed robbery lawyers have the experience to help you build and employ a legal strategy that actively challenges each and every aspect of the case that has been brought against you. To discuss the particulars of your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney, please call Kyle Sampson, Attorney at Law, at (713) 337-1420 today.


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